The man I ended up marrying happens to be a great gift giver.  He listens and tucks the knowledge away for the right time.  This is not the norm, even great men struggle to find good gifts for their better halves.  This list is for the men out there who struggle to come up with something outside of appliances or nothing. I’ve chosen 25 of my favorite items from Uncommon Goods that any woman would be thrilled to receive for any occasion.  

I’ll start with the jewelry, you can’t go wrong with any of these! Jewelry is hard to go wrong with period but these pieces are unique and gorgeous-just like the lovely woman who is lucky enough to receive them as gifts. 


The Mama Bear Necklace, $120-$160

This customizable necklace will be a hit with any mama bear you know! 


Mixed Metals Ripple Hoop Earings, $37
These classic earings with a twist are a steal at $37-they would match any woman’s wardrobe. 


The Rising Sun Necklace, $59
This statement necklace will be a wonderful addition to a style savy woman’s wardrobe. 


Custom Beach Heart Earings, $60-$70
These Earings can be filled with either sand they provide or sand you send in.  Grab some sand at your next beach vacation and surprise your special lady with these beauties. 


Love Birch Cuff, $85
This Cuff is so cute and stylish.  The stamped heart really takes it to a new level.


Links of Love Necklace, $52
Love this mix between gold and silver.  This would be a hit with any woman I know! 


Kantha Drop Earing, $16 
These Earings are a steal at $16, they look way more expensive and are so unique. 


Aquamarine Branch Ring, $70
This stunner will be a hit with any woman.  It’s the perfect mix of classic and modern. 


Shades of Blue Sea-glass Necklace, $50
The soft and unique beauty of sea-glass is on full display on this beautiful necklace. 


Bee Love Necklace, $94
This honey comb heart necklace is so unique and would goneith a t-shirt or a dress.   


Hand of Buddha Jewelry Stand, $38
This unique stand will hold all that lovely jewelery in style! 
Outside of jewelery another great idea for gifts for her are luxury spa items.  Spoil her with items that will relax and pamper her.  These selections are sure to help your lady feel like she has a spa at home!


Lavender Spa Neck Roll Pillow, $44
I personally own one of these and I can say I use it every week! It’s so relaxing and it’s not just for your neck! 


Floral Therapy Coconut Sheet Masks, $56
I don’t know a woman out there who wouldn’t love for her face to be rejuvenated with coconut and flowers!


Oatmeal Honey Oat Loaf Soap, $32
The name of this soap alone sounds good enough to eat! What a luxurious treat. 


Lavender Spa Blanket, $68
This just looks like the most relaxing thing.  Who doesn’t want to be wrapped up in a lavender cloud? 


Himalayan Salt Purifying Bars, $38
These are a treat for your skin and a steal at $38! 


Loofah Scrubber 3 Piece Set, $30
These make your skin feel like butter and smell amazing! They are the perfect gift for friends or a significant other. 


Cocktail Inspired Lip Balm Set, $22
These are such a fun departure from the usual burts bees you can find floating around in my purse.  Fun and flirty! 


Solar System Bath Bomb Set, $48
This gift is out of this world!!! Each bomb with their own unique scent and color. 

Apparel can be tricky to buy for a woman but if you stick with these choices they are sure to be a hit! Every woman loves a good piece they’d never pick out themselves but they love none the less. 


Upcycled Sari Robe, $58
This robe is so unique and looks amazingly comfortable.  I can see it hanging in almost any woman’s bathroom! 


Smartphone Charging Reversible Tote, $120
This reversible bag would be a great find on its own but the fact that it can charge your iPhone just takes it to another level! 


Manhattan at Night Scarf, $65
This scarf is the perfect gift for that city girl who loves the lights or the country girl who misses them. 

Lastly these unique finds will stun any lady in your life-she will be so impressed by the originality of your gift! 


Mason Jar Indoor Garden, $20
Perfect for the lady who loves growing plants but doesn’t have a garden to enjoy. 


Zen Wishing Stone, $28
This stone is a great addition to any desk or meditation area.  Just use water to write your wish and watch it evaporate into the universe. 


Organization Travel Set, $48
These bags will help your lady stay organized in style while traveling! 


Hair Tie Bracelet, $45
While at first glance I felt like the $45 price tag was high.  But after thinking about how much use every woman I know would get out of this I feel like it’s well worth it. 


Porn for Women, $10
I had to include this cheeky book on this list.  It includes pictures of men cooking and cleaning-just doing the things all women dream of.  


Date Night Bucket List, $18
If you struggle coming up with date night ideas this is going to be a minor win.  I’d love this! 


Foot Sole Massager, $38

Most women I know are always on the go and always have sore feet.  If you don’t want to rub them all the time maybe try this. 


Hanging Heart Vase, $55
This beautiful vase looks like an actual heart! It would be perfect hanging above her desk with a succulent in it!  

Any one of these gifts would be a hit with the women I know.  Let me know what you think in the comments, and head on over to Uncommongoods to see what else they have.  

Share this with someone who needs a hint!  Visit HERE for gift ideas for your man, HERE for gift ideas for your girlfriends, and HERE for amazing personalized gifts for someone special.  



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