Finding My Monster

When I started thinking about writing a blog I had a million names running through my head.  I had the name ‘Mommy Maven’ in mind for years but when it came down to it ‘maven’ just wasn’t the right word for what I have to offer.  Maven is defined as a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge to others.  I wish that was me!  I won’t sell myself completely short, I have some knowledge to pass on but the point of me writing is not to bestow the key of motherhood onto you.  I don’t have the key to motherhood and I am in no way an expert.  What I have to share are experiences and stories.  I have honest, real and hopefully relatable experiences I am willing to share with you.

I thought of MOM monster one night last winter when my son and I were both at the mercy of a terrible cold.  You know the one guys, that one that comes with the pounding headache, and congestion for days, with a big old cough on top.  I was rocking my son back to sleep for the second time already that night, it was 3am and I couldn’t think of anything better to describe myself in that moment than a mom monster.  I was in survival mode, something as a mother I find myself in often.  Luckily these low moments are fleeting, the cold came and past, but the name mom monster stuck in my head.

My husband had been pushing me to start blogging since our son was about 6 months old.  I hadn’t found my confidence yet and didn’t feel ready.  It wasn’t until my son was almost two that I woke up one day and wanted to write again.  I finally felt like my story was worth sharing again and I instantly went onto Urban Dictionary and typed in mommy monster.  I read the following and knew this was where I start, ‘Used to describe a woman who has consumed herself in motherhood.  Talks frequently and at length about her child.’  This sound much more like me!

I knew I wasn’t the only one feeling like I was consumed by motherhood.  I loved every moment but I felt like I had lost a bit of my individuality in motherhood as well.  My blessing is to have the village that I have, and I was supported and shown that this is not abnormal.  In fact, that perfect mom we all see portrayed in TV shows and movies, she doesn’t exist.  Real moms are a mess sometimes, sometimes we’re perfect, but a lot of the time we’re a mess.  I want to be the reason a real mom doesn’t feel alone at the end of a long day.  I hope that this is a space where we can support each other through the madness of raising little people.

My first official post will go live on February 20th.  In this post ill show you a slice of my life as a mother and I hope in this you can feel supported and entertained.  I hope to see you then and bring you into my world of being a MOM monster!


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