What is MOM monster?

If you’ve made your way here welcome, and thanks for taking the time to visit.  This space is for you as much as it’s for me.  MOM monster is essentially a blog space I use to reflect on my journey through motherhood and the many adventures I have each day.  I hope that through my vulnerability in sharing my mom journey I will strike a cord with those of you who need to know your not the only one.  This is not a place where things will always be rainbows and butterflies but it will be a place that is always based in love.  Which is how I feel about my life as a stay at home mother to a vibrant two year old boy, it’s not always smiles but I always love it!

MOM monster will be my outlet for me to reflect on my life; together with my husband Donovan, toddler Karson, two dogs Daisy and Max, and gold fish Spot.  I will share with you my gifts as a mother and my faults, I hope that in these you connect with my story.  While I will begin with a few posts telling my story to motherhood this space is really about my day to day mom life.  I will be posting once a week about my family and the adventures we experienced the past week.  The content will vary depending on the week but what I can promise you is it will be honest, I will tell true stories, and it is coming to you with no judgement whatsoever.

If you find yourself here, no matter what your story, and my story helps you to feel less alone, I am happy to share my story.  Thanks for following along with me on my motherhood journey!


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